I am not Cristóbal. No one, ever, will be Cristóbal. 

This collection is not about drawing inspiration from his work, nor is it even about emulating his technique or his mastery. That would be, to say the least, an unforgivable boldness. I will not analyze his lines, patterns, or sketches. I am not trying to be someone I cannot.

This collection is about his philosophy, his way of believing in fashion. To know that each dress has a name. One and only one. 

In a world where adaptation is everything, being true to oneself is a luxury that very few can afford.

As is customary with our firm, architectural lines and Basque culture intertwine to give life to 15 new pieces. 

Rhinestones, taffeta ruffles, patch pockets, fluid silhouettes, transparencies and removable pieces, give shape to a collection marked by lightness and spectacularity.